Fp in second park

It is almost time for fp choices. Our first day we plan to go to Epcot and plan to fp spaceship earth and frozen. Then part of our party is headed to mk and other is walking around WS. My question is if I only use the 2 fp, after I check into the 2nd one in Epcot can I book a same day pass at magic kingdom? I would have only used 2 of fp made at 60 days out. Wasn’t sure if problem because only using 2 instead of 3.

Yes but, even better, you can book that 3rd FP as soon as you tap into the first one at Epcot.

Also, If you only pre-booked one, you could book another two at any other park(s) and any tier. Again you could do so after tapping in to your first.

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Thanks. I didn’t know you could do that. Thought I had to use all my pre booked ones first. Thanks for the tip!

It means they are letting you book your initial 3 as soon as the system “knows” you’re at a park. And because you’re not pre-booking, you can make them anywhere.

The tier rules would still apply but only within ONE park. So you couldn’t book no. 2 &3 as FOP and Navii, but you could book FOP and TSMM, if they were available.

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Is that right? I thought you could only book same day ones after you had used prebooked ones, so after tapping into the second.

I’m pretty sure if you have only booked 1 in advance, though you can book 2 same day ones at the same time, you can’t do them at 2 separate parks, so you couldn’t get FOP and TSMM. Though maybe you didn’t mean booking them at once. You could definitely get your 2nd for FOP, then after tapping in get your 3rd at TSMM.

95% sure! You can have 3 pre-booked fastpasses. If you make them ahead of time you can only have them for one park. If you wait until day-of, you can make them anywhere, just as soon as the system “knows” you’re there.

So yes, after the first one, you can make the third elsewhere. I’ve done that with no issues - booked 2, and made the 3rd after tapping into the first. I’ve also booked 1 and immediately made 2 more in another park.

Now that 5% doubt is over the two different parks. I haven’t done it, but everything I have read suggests there are too many people who have done it to make it a fluke.

The reason they allow this is to acknowledge that people park hop, and to allow them to do so and still book fastpasses if they do it on the day.

Interesting, I’ve never read about anyone doing either of those things, and I thought pretty much everything had been tested and endlessly debated on chat.

oh wow, I didn’t know this either. I thought it was 3 at 1 park and then once those 3 were used you can then book anywhere. THANKS! That’ll make things a bit easier in the planning!

When I go in January will try it out and let you know what system allows me to do. Thanks for the tips

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There’s a site that I don’t particularly like in terms of it’s general tone (it just doesn’t give out a particularly friendly chatty vibe to me) but it does have very good information threads that cover MDE, fastpasses and so-on. I’m not a member but use it to keep abreast of changes etc. The “keepers” of those threads seem to know their stuff.

(Starts with a DIS… )

I know it well, I was a member and I suppose I still am but I haven’t ventured over there since joining TP in 2012. I may have to check it out again!