FP+ if cancel hotel

Currently have hotel reservation and are at 60 day mark. We may be able to stay with relatives while there (won’t know for awhile)… If I cancel my hotel for all or part of trip do I lose all my fp selections? What about magic bands?

Is it a package? Packages must be cancelled before the 30 day final payment or else you’ll incur penalties. Because of this, yes, you’ll probably lose your fastpasses. And you won’t get Magicbands.

Room only reservations are different. You can cancel up to 5 days before check in without penalties. If it’s room only, then I suggest you wait to cancel your reservation until you are under 30 days prior to check in. This brings you into the 30-day offsite booking period and will salvage your fastpasses. and possibly your MagicBands

If you just change the length of your resort reservation, but not your length of tickets and not outright cancel, your FPP’s should stay intact and you’ll still get MB’s so long as you’re still staying at a resort.