FP+ How to coordinate among family

A little help from the FP+ experts out there would be much appreciated …

We have FL resident 3-day tickets and are local. When our family is visiting this summer, they will be staying on Disney property. Are we able to coordinate FP+ reservations, since FL tickets will have a 30 day out window for reservations and Disney hotel guests are 60?

If our FL tickets are added to their Friends and Family list, can they make reservations for us at 60 days? Trying to figure out how (or even if) this can be coordinated.

Thanks … over from the Universal side and FP+ is a mystery to me.

If you are linked under friends and family they should be able to include you in their FPs at day 60.

Thanks … that’s what I was thinking. Will be at Disney Springs tomorrow and can confirm at ticketing window.

I haven’t confirmed it yet personally But I was talking to a Disney representative, and they said that works only if the off park guest are booked for the same FP as the on site guest.

let us know how it worked out for you

Oh! I am not saying that it is an “official” thing or that it is designed to work that way ( just like if you ask a CM split stay fast passes are one stay at a time- but that is not how it works). I think if you ask they will say-no.

That is unfortunate. One of the reasons that we left for Universal after 2012 … FP+ makes it very difficult to be spontaneous to any degree. I guess we will see what they say.

I do not think I am being clear. Your family can go in at day 60 if they are staying onsite and through their MDE accounts make fast passes for all of you if they want. The official Disney answer may be that they can’t do it. The system does allow it, even if it is not in the rules.

Perfect … thank you for the clarification!