FP grouped or not

Having spent many hours planning my tour plans, I am getting a little more nervous as my FP+ date is near.

I have been reading as many hints & tips on FP+ selections in order to avoid making a mistake.

One thing I read suggested to put FP “back to back” so that being able to obtain a 4th, 5th, FP is achievable after the 3rd one is used.

Do you think this is the best way to plan the FP? My tour plans have been set out so that I will not have to be criss-crossing the park… therefore, my FP are somewhat more spread out time wise. I guess putting them all together would mean I’d have to do some altering of the plans, and may also add on extra walking time.

Should I just leave the 3 that I have in my plans, regardless of time of day?
I have not made any FP selections for the morning part of our day. We have hopper tickets and may be coming from another park, (or maybe not arriving until later in the day) so I have opted in my plans to make all my FP selections in my second park or in the afternoon/evening. Trying to decide what is best to do.

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It sounds like you have a good plan. I do usually book mine back to back- but I do cross the parks at times. I was going to say I always book my FPs for my 2nd park- but then I realized that is not always true. I always book FPs at HS even if it my morning park.

I would say just find a plan that works for you!

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Do what feels right for you. We never use more than our 3 in a day, but we don’t do all the M&Gs. You have to balance your plan and what you’ll give up (your own optimal order) vs whether there will be FPPs for the rides you’re hoping for. If there’s a chance and it will cut your waits significantly, then go for it. If not, then don’t waste your energy.


I’ve never had a 4th fast pass option be something that’s “really good”, so I would not stress about that. The 4th options seem to be things with shorter lines.

Yes, I did think this.
Am going to keep things the way I’ve planned up until now.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I suppose the best thing to do is whatever would save you the most time given the particulars of each day: whether or not you’ll hop, crowd levels which dictate lots including 4th FPP availability, whether or not you rope drop/take breaks/stay late, whether or not you’ll be in a tiered park, etc.

I think at some point, attempting to optimize starts to miss the point (yes, a potential heresy to say here :grin:).

If you have a good plan that’s letting you do what you want to do, and your FP+ selections lock in times for the “must do” attractions that work well within that plan framework, then I wouldn’t worry about it.

A plan doesn’t have to be 100% optimal to be good, it just needs to be optimal enough to let you enjoy your trip the way you want to.