FP+ glitches this morning

I just thought I would share something I ran into this morning. I selected my FP’s today and I have been modifying a lot of them to get closer to the times I wanted. For some reason, on some of the FP’s I modified, after I confirmed and went back to the FP+ Selections screen, both the old and new versions showed up (which was unsettling) and it looked like I had 4 pre-selected FP’s for the day. I talked to the internet help desk, and after refreshing the screen, the older versions disappeared. I guess it’s a glitch in the system today?

Happens to me all the time.

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I have seen this before on the App but it usually disappears quickly

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I think this has happened with me every time I modified a FP. I got used to closing and opening the app to make sure the information is correct.

In general unless it’s changed in the last few months, Tuesdays are the most glitchy. The entire FP site is known to “freeze” (not sure of the proper term) for long enough to make one panic. It happened to me when I book FPs last March, but within the hour I got all the ones I wanted.

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Ok thanks everyone. Initially, when I saw the second FP for the one I changed, I had a complete meltdown thinking that I inadvertently changed the wrong one (my Tier 1). I went back in to try to change it back, and there was no more availability for the Tier 1. After kicking and cursing at myself for about 15 mins, I went back in and refreshed. There was my Tier 1. So I talked to the Internet help desk and they sounded as if they had never heard of this happening before… :laughing: