FP for Wishes

After 10 years of vacationing to only Disneyland, I’m going back to WDW in April with my DS4. We want to have a great spot for ELP and wishes. I currently have a FP for Wishes, but now that BTMRR will not be a refurb, I’m second guessing having that be my FP for Friday April 5. The 5th is the only day of our trip that will have both Wishes and ELP. Help Please!

Just looking at the TP times posted, as long as you make it over to BTMRR in the morning (before 11), your wait times won’t be huge anyway. We never get a FP for it, but we make it our 3rd stop (after Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear).

Thank you Ariadne! We typically didn’t use FP for it at DL as well, but the FP system there is very different. I have heard from friends and family that some attractions that would never need a FP at DL (jungle cruise, pirates) is strongly recommended to have a FP at WDW. I love TP and Lines because I can keep track of the wait times and such, but it blows my mind that Jungle Cruise had a 120 minute wait!

I’m struggling with a way to ask this so that it does not sound condescending or sarcastic, so here goes: You do know that you can initially book 3 FPP each day, right? The way you wrote your post makes it sound like you only have the 1 Wishes FPP.

Ha! Yes, I am aware. I have a wishes fast pass that I was considering switching to BTMRR. I didn’t bring up the other 2 FPs that I booked because I’m not considering changing them.

OK, good. :slight_smile: Just make a personalized TP and optimize it, and you should be good to go with the FPP reservations that you have made.