FP+ for TSMM or A2S?

Going in October. Even though EEMH starts at 6:30 a, I suspect we won’t arrive at the gate until 8 am’ish. Our only must-do’s at DHS are TSMM and A2S (DD4 says she will NOT try SDD).

Should I FP+ TSMM and do standby for A2S? Or FP+ for A2S and standby for TSMM?

My opinion is TSM is indoors and nicely themed so not a bad standby line. AS2 is outside with no theming.

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I would do A2S fastpass. Do TSMM as soon as you get there and the go back to aliens for the fp+. My kids (3 and 8) still cant really score well on TSMM so they both enjoy A2S more and if the lines aren’t terrible, you may be able to go on it twice.