FP+ for MK and Halloween Party on Same Day

In October, we are going to MK during the day and later that evening to the MNSP party via the hard ticket. The MNSP ticket is linked in My Disney and I was wondering whether I will be able to book separate FP+ reservations for the day at MK and then at the MNSP for a total of 6 FPs? Since I am paying twice for that day, I feel like I should have the ability to make 6 FPs

I’m not sure but think you max out at three in the park no matter what? Other liners will know more. You can also get into mk at 4 on a party night if you don’t want to use a full day ticket…? Sorry I’m not much help :slight_smile:

I had the same question last year. :smile:

There are no FPs at the party.
FPs are shut down for the duration.
For everything except 7DMT & maybe Space Mt/Peter Pan at some points, FPs aren’t really needed.
A good TP and you can get everything in with almost no wait.

I can attest that we enjoyed Splash & BTMRR multiple times each with only short waits.

You can get there at 4pm & get 3 FPs, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm.
That’s what we did. :smile:


I don’t think they do FPP for Halloween Party. I have my tix linked, but availability ends at 6-7 PM slot.

You are limited to three FPs a day. There have been reports of people buying party tickets and then linking them to dummy MDE accounts and making AfZps that way. That being said, Disney has been canceling FPs after 6:30 and today’s reports have been earlier. It does not seem to be worth the hassle for one or two FPs. I have been able to do all rides including 7DMT during the party with until 25 minute wait.

I linked my party ticket to a separate account and was able to make FPP for both (party only after 4, although I didn’t try any earlier) Hardest part was remembering which FPP was on which - had to write it down.

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