FP for Meeting Mickey and Minnie at MK

At MK next week with DW and DD4. Do all 3 of us need an FP+ to go into the theatre? I am hoping to get a 4th FP for later in the day. If there is only FP availability for 2 people, will I have to wait outside while DW and DD4 go in or our CM’s flexible? Technically this question would apply to any character meets really.

Everyone entering a FP line, whatever it’s for, is supposed to have a FP. Unless they are under 3 and have no ticket. The CM may take pity on you but they are under no obligation to do so. I haven’t done it but I think it’s more likely for a character meet than for a ride, since it doesn’t really matter if there are 2 or 3 people in a family group when you all go in together.

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Thanks, that was kind of my thinking, that it is different than a ride where clearly we are taking up space that could otherwise be used.

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Every family is different, but I’m guessing the more people there are, the more time they take at the meet&greet. My family usually just does pictures with the kids and the characters all together, but sometimes we also have the whole family. There could be some families where everyone does their own individual pictures, then they do a big group shot. More people, more time.

I’ve been there. You’ll likely end up with unused FPP (probably for DD4 if you use rider switch and FPP for rides she can’t go on). If you have (or can get) the version of MDE app that allows changing party for FPP, you can potentially use those FPP for one adult and do rider swap for the other adult.

Agree every family is different. I’m not worry about unused FPP. We have 3 booked for the morning already. My OP was a hypothetical about trying to get a 4th FP.