FP+ for Halloween Party

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I think I’ve messed up! I’m travelling from the UK and so ordered my Halloween Party tickets to be supplied and linked to MDE (which already contains a 14day park ticket). I now realise that I’m going to miss out on 3xFP as a result. Is there anyway that I can make this situation right? Can I create extra people on MDE and assign the ticket to them and then book the FP?


Last year I created a dummy account and transferred my party tickets over to the dummy account. But you only need to do that if you are trying to get 6FPP on your party day. If you are not using a regular ticket on the same day as your party, your party ticket will get 3. If you are trying to get 6 I did a forum post. I will get you the link.

Anyone tried to do this since the new MDE roll-out (and thanks for the clear explanation @AuntB_luvsDisney) ? Does it still work?

I’ve assigned my Halloween party tickets over to the dummy account (and can see them listed and assigned to each dummy party member), but when I try to make fastpass+ reservations for the dummy party members it says I need valid theme park admission tickets for the dummy accounts & won’t let me get fastpasses. I’m wondering if that’s because the party tickets are dated more than 30 days in the future (and that therefore when I hit the 30 day mark I’ll be able to make fastpass reservations) or whether they’ve closed this loophole somehow?

@dunegirl I have not tried it for this year and no one has reported back yet. Are you at 60 days for your regular FP onsite? Already made those? Worse case is the loophole does not work and you make your party FP at the 30day mark. Do let me know. I want to update the post if any issues pop up or there are changes from last year so people know what to expect.

Not yet at 60 days but I’ve been able to make “practice” fastpass reservations (which I then cancelled), for the regular accounts with no problems. I don’t get the same kind of error message I’m getting with the dummy accounts (re: the need to link or purchase valid theme park admission tickets). But then the regular tickets aren’t limited to admission on a specific date the way the party tickets are.

It’s not letting me make any fastpass reservations with the party tickets on the dummy accounts, however–not even within 30 days.

Hmmm. I am guessing but I bet it is related to the ticket only being for a specific day. Similar to if you have a package it won’t let you practice FP until your window opens at 60. I am guessing you have a room only reservation and separate tickets. which is why you can practice. Are your two accounts linked as friends and family? Can you report back when your 60 day window opens? Thanks for sharing the info @dunegirl

Yep, the accounts are linked as friends and family (I was in the same position as @linuss – I only learned about this 6 fpp “method” after buying the party tickets via the regular MDE account). I created the dummy accounts and transferred the party tickets over with no problem (thanks again for your walk-through of how to do it). And you’re right–we otherwise have a room-only reservation and separate tickets (left over from when they were still no-expiration :slight_smile:).

I’ll report back at the 60 day window (which is end of July), and let you know how it goes. I agree that it’s most likely due to the date-specific nature of the party tickets. It just makes me a bit concerned that it is saying I need valid theme park tickets for the dummy accounts (as opposed to showing a message like “Your tickets are only valid for X date; you will be able to make fastpass reservations starting on X date.”)

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Thank you very much @AuntB_luvsDisney - this is nicely explained. I’ll give this a try - I don’t have any hard tickets for the event to us though, just a printed ‘e-ticket’. I was wondering (probably won’t do it through). if I purchased ‘link it later’ MagicBands and used them on the dummy account, could I use them as the ticket?


@linuss no personal experience with this one but I don’t see why you could not purchase a separate magicband to link to your dummy account. Another less expensive option might be to go to guest services when you arrive and ask them to issue you the hard plastic card. I have not done either of those but I can’t think of any reason it would not work.