FP+ for Frozen Ever After Epcot?

I am booking my FP+ very soon (Mar 3) for my trip starting May 1. Has anyone heard if Frozen Ever After (scheduled to open May 1) is going to have FP+ available. I am guessing that I wont find out until I go to book on March 3.

The last rumor I heard was that it won’t be opening until June.

I wouldn’t expect to be able to FP+ Frozen Ever After until DIS knows 100% for sure it will be open during that time. So even if you got lucky and it was open during your visit, there may not be any FP+ available for it at all, and certainly not at the 60 day mark. Realistically your best case is you catch a soft open and are able to ride before the official opening but that’s real hit and miss. Good luck…

Yes, June is the current target date, based on intel “leaked” from some insiders. Based on how they did 7DMT, I’m thinking they might start “soft opening” it around Memorial Day, and have the “official” Grand Opening several weeks later. I’m not sure how they did FPPs for it; I rode at 6:20 AM on the Friday (the 24 hour Day) of Memorial Day weekend 2012 :smile:

according to the “coming soon” page for the ride on disney’s website, fastpass will be available for the ride. as to when exactly…I have no idea. Hopefully we’ll get to ride it when we go first week of June.