FP+ for Big Thunder Mountain or Enchanted Tales?

Will be using my first two for 7DMT and Peter Pan (hopefully available when my window opens). Touring Plans suggests using the third for Big Thunder Mountain, but I will be seeing Enchanted Tales with Belle (which does not appear on the one day adult plan) and have heard there can be a large backup there. Will have myself, wife, and DD9.

I would use it for enchanted tales with belle. Try to schedule them early so you can get thunder with fourth selection

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We’re doing the same as you, and in past (and hopefully on our next trip) we can always get same day FPP with BTM whereas Belle you can’t and the queue is long since it’s a longer duration.

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FPP for Belle - definitely.

Make a copy of standard Adult 1-day plan and Optimize it for the actual day in question to get a better idea of what FPPs will work best for you.

Looks unanimous: FPP Belle. Thanks!