FP Epcot - which one would you get?

Trying to finalize my TP for Epcot…my FP day is Friday! Crew is me, dh, dd11, dd11, ds6, dd5, my parents. We have a PPO breakfast (8:00 ADR) at Akershus. My plan was to be done by 8:50 and hop in line for FEA, then go to soarin’ and use our FP for TT because I think my DS6 would love it and it seems like it is down quite a bit in the morning. But, now I read reports of FEA being down in the morning too - eek! Are we taking a chance by not getting a FP for FEA? It seems FEA is the hardest FP to get. Do you think we could go to Soarin right after breakfast, then see if TT is running and if not try for a 4th day of FP? Or vice versa - scoot to TT, then Soarin right after breakfast? It is our only Epcot day. Thanks for your wisdom!! :slight_smile:

I would stick to your initial plan of going to FEA right after your Akersus ADR.

Disney seems to have solved to breakdown problems for FEA
See link: https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/epcot-international-gateway-rope-drop-to-frozen-ever-after-32118/

I’ve never done Akersus, but my only concern with that plan is being out in line for 9:00am at FEA.
If you can be out near 9:00, it doesn’t make sense to not ride FEA, as you’ll arrive after the initial rush for Soarin’ or TT.

As for FP+, I agree that you have chances to get a 4th FP+ for Soarin’ or TT (chances increase if you get rid of those 3 initial FP+ early) than FEA.


I would consider booking your FPP for earlier. TT typically has a same day drop at 11:37pm. Soarin’ does at 1:37. I’ll try to link the thread for you.

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We were there 2 weeks ago (will be busier when you are there), did frozen first thing with no fp, then straight to Soarin, then fp for TT later. Test track also breaks down so having a fp for that was a bigger priority for us. But it is a valid concern to not be out of your meal in time, just sharing our experience.

I totally agree with @BoilerMomPharmD

I have read about it before on this forum and it worked !

We were there early march 2018 and I have experienced Soarin’ and TT FP+ release. We used our 3rd FP+ at 11:15 at Test Track. While in the waiting line, I checked and found some Test Track & Soarin’ FP+ for 18:30. However, at exactly 11:37, there was plenty of availability for TT and I picked one for a return time at 12h30. Same thing (at 13:37) for Soarin’, with again plenty of availability.

It just made our day at Epcot a lot easier, with two rides each of Soarin’ and TT with no wait.

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Thank you all!! So helpful and the link was great! :blush:

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