FP during emh at animal kingdom?

Does Disney offer fp+ for fop during EMH at animal kingdom. Or is first fp available only at normal opening time. I am going in January 2018. It is only a CL of 3 so hoping I can get one on day 5 of my trip

FP only available during regular hours.


Could you tell me a bit more about this? Are all rides working during EMH? And for sure, you can’t get a FP during EMH? So, what is the strategy during EMH? Just hope the wait isn’t too long? Help, please!

Are you staying at a Disney resort? We just booked our FPP for our 60 days out. We were able to get FPP for FoP on day 2 at 6 pm and day 3 at 3pm in December. They are not as early as I would like, but I will keep checking back to get an earlier time. I think you have a good chance!

I make fp selections in a few weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed

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Most rides are open. If you google there is a list of each park that shows what attractions are open. The list is a little different for morning extra hours than for evening EMH. Animal kingdom is a hard one to predict and to know what to do with pandora opening and crazy crowds. Not sure how it will be after first of year. Will see. But I usually go to attraction that usually needs a fp and do it first. Usually very little wait. Then I ride several in area with no wait and use a fp for first hour of regular opening. At MK you can get in 4 or 5 rides first hour if you plan it right. Not sure how to approach AK. I will see what fp’s i can get

Look at TP’s page of info about morning EMH at AK: https://touringplans.com/animal-kingdom/attractions/morning-extra-magic-hour . It lists what attractions are open for EMH. Each park has similar lists for a.m. and p.m. EMH.

For sure, there are no fast passes (FP) during EMH at any park. Was at AK Saturday 9/30 for EMH. Both Pandora rides were down.Easily rode other rides in the park during that time with little wait. I had two days at AK. Initially only able to get FOP FP for my day 63, had Navi for day 61. About a week before we left, lots of other FP’s dropped for FOP so I had FP for both days and was able to make my times earlier. I also got a day of FP for FOP on 9/30 for later in the evening. Keep checking and modifying. Make sure that FOP is the first FP you try for on your FP day.

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Thanks. So lucky to get fp for both your days. Hope I can. How long did you actually spend in pandora using fp and just looking around?

On the second FP of the day for FOP we waited an hour in line with the FP. FP time was 6:55. As far as looking around Pandora, maybe 30 minutes on Saturday.That would be about 90 minutes including FP time. Would love to have seen more of it at night but it was raining, we were tired, and ready to get back to the room. Went back Monday, rode FOP, ate at Satu’li for lunch, which was really good, and then went to MK. You can look around the land in a short amount of time. Day vs night has different views as far as the details you can see.

With a 3pm and 6pm FOP fastpass on different days I think you’ve got things made if you can park hop?

I would do the following

3pm day. I would do ropedrop at AK and do Navi River first thing whilst most head for FOP and get that one done with little queuing. Fast pass some other rides and do the rest of AK before heading back to pandora land for my 3pm ride. Then head back to my Hotel and probably do MK at night and a few rides plus watch HEA

For the 6pm FOP fastpass I would do another park during the day and head back to AK just for FOP. If you want a special meal then do tiffins (you can get ROL premier viewing tickets when you eat there). Get your photos of pandora land that evening etc

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Wow - thanks so much for the clear info. This makes sense to me now.

Exactly what I needed - thanks so much!

Thank you! You are giving me hope for my plan. I was hoping to hop to MK to see HEA after a morning at AK, but with FoP FP time of 6:30, that was not looking good.

Ouch! So even with a FP, you had to wait an hour??? They do not account for that in the TP I made!

That was the longest we waited. The other two FP’s we waited only about 20-30 minutes.

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Oh good! My faith in FP has returned! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: