FP+ Day Was Today

My FP+ day 60 was today. Had a relatively good experience getting what I wanted at 7AM sharp this morning. Frankly I was surprised I was able to land FOP at day 62 and 7DMT on day 60 although wanting evening likely helped there.

Here’s what I got:

  • Day 60: MK PP, 7DMT, Splash (5:50/7:10/8:10)
  • Day 61: MK Space, Splash, BTMRR (9:25/10:25/11:25)
  • Day 62: AK KS, KRR, FOP (10:40/11:40/2:15) [wanted FOP earlier, but getting it at all was a surprise]
  • Day 63: HS RnR, TOT, Slinky (9:05/10:55/1:20)
  • Day 64: EP Soarin’, LwL, Figment (10:20/11:20/12:20)
  • Day 65: AK FOP, KS, KRR (3/4:10/5:10)
  • Day 66: HS Slinky, TOT, RnR (8:50/10:05/11:15)
  • Day 67: MK 7DMT, PP, Splash (5:55/7:55/8:55)
  • Day 68: AK FOP, Safari, EE (10:50/11:55/12:55)

I started off trying to dual device it using both the app and web browser on a laptop - the App kept flaking so I did almost everything solely on the laptop. I preferred the bigger screen to see more data as well. The Disney site did flake out a couple times but it always recovered quickly. Took around 40 minutes total to hit all 9 days.

I targeted AK/HS first to try to get FOP and Slinky as the priorities and came back to the rest later. I started off not writing down times, but that was a huge mistake as it often was suggesting illegal FP options for me (example I booked a 9:05 and then entered I wanted to search for ones at 10:00, it would give options that were 9:55 that I couldn’t book). Writing it down made it easy to decipher what was legal. The software knows the times don’t work with your other schedule, but still suggests them which is highly annoying.

At first I wasn’t using the link to see other times - that was really useful to dial in exactly what time you wanted. Wish I’d done that on my first FOP day to see if I could land something earlier, but frankly just getting something made me happy. On my last day it let me see a bunch of FOP times to choose something safe for our schedule. I started using the exact time to request a lot as that helped get times near when I needed to line up the 1 hour after each other and was much better than just the default options.

Overall, it wasn’t too painful an experience and I was surprisingly well rewarded with both FOP and Slinky…


Jus reading this gives me anxiety. I hate that morning. I mean it went fine for me last time and was easier than I thought it was going to be. But the anxiety sitting their waiting fir the computer to pop up available. I need a xanex just thinking about it.

I do ours tomorrow.

This is our first trip to WDW since 2011, so my first experience w/ FP+.

Wish me luck!


Good luck, let us know how it works out