FP+ Day was a complete success

First time headed to Disney World and today I was able to get every FastPass that I wanted. This forum was very helpful in setting AK and HS later in the trip so I could get Slinky and FOP. It was actually a really easy morning doing 8 days of Fast Passes. The only issue I had that slowed me down at all was the tiers at HS studios trying to not overlap. So thank you everyone for anything posted here because it seems like I read more than 100 hours of posts to be as equipped as possible for today and the trip in January 2020.



Firsttripdisneydad - first trip is always the best in many ways.

Iā€™m going back with DD30 and Grandkids for my first time back since 1998!

We too had great success on FP+ day, but like you, I came prepared with help from this site.

Have fun