FP+ Day Tomorrow - What do you think?

We (me, 12yo ds, & 17yo dd) will be at WDW 7/15 through 7/22. Ds and I arrive in time to have some time in MK on the first day, dd arrives later that night.

FP+ Plans

7/15 MK 1-8pm
1p-2p Pirates of the Caribbean
2p-3p Peter Pan’s Flight
4p-5p Buzz Lightyear
7/16 EPCOT 12p-4p/AK 5p-9p
7:30p-8:30p Na’vi River Journey
5:30p-6:30p Expedition Everest
6:30p-7:30p Kilimanjaro Safari
7/17 EPCOT 9p-2p/6p-10p
10:30a-11:30a The Seas w/ Nemo & Friends
11a-12p Turtle Talk w/ Crush
12p-1p Test Track
7/18 Blizzard Beach/Disney Springs
7/19 DHS 7a-1p/6p-11p
8a-9a Slinky Dog Dash
9a-10a ToT
10a-11a RNRC
7/20 AK 9a-2p/Fireworks Cruise
9a-10a FoP
10a-11a Kilimanjaro Safari
12p-1p Kali River Rapids
7/21 MK - DAH
7/22 Open

What do you think, and what should be the order I request them tomorrow? 7/20 FOP or 7/19 Slinky Dog?

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I think it doesn’t matter, just order those 2 right away ASAP - good luck!

Just noticed, no 7DMT, BTMRR, or space mountain? I wouldn’t normally question ride choice, but you do have the coasters in the other parks.

I would do Slinky first and then FOP since your HS is before you AK day that you want FOP. My guess is you’ll be fine on getting what you want based on what I saw this morning - times may need to adjust slightly but should be manageable…

Good luck…

We will be doing Disney After Dark on Saturday night so I’m not worried about getting MK FPs.

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We’re actually planning the same that night - I went ahead and booked FP around our BOG reservation anyway so we had some FP access to our favorites if we wanted to use them.

That’s a good idea…Now I have to add that to the list. :wink:

OMG, that was a less than pleasant experience this morning. The stress…ugh.

I will post a full update later, but my plans are currently a wreck. I couldn’t get FOP at all, Slinky Dog is at night, and a lot of stuff is later than I wanted.

I’m hoping I can tweak as we get closer.

Ouch - very sorry to hear that. I’m surprised FOP was a no go as it was fairly late in your plan. You were only booking for 3 as well, right?

I wonder if so many people arrive on Saturdays that there’s a big discrepancy? In other words are there so many Saturday arrivals that chew up the 60+ FPs for the Sunday arrivals? About the only thing that makes much sense to me as I was booking for 3 the day prior and had better luck than I expected.

Hopefully you can make some tweaks. Frankly I’d expect to have options on most things other than FOP, SDD & 7DMT and even those you hear stories of people landing late…

Boo. Sorry to hear that. I wonder if yesterday’s MDE/FPP fiasco has impacted FPP availability. I’ve been following availability pretty closely and FOP is usually available for Day 60+3 or 4 for the second half of the day, and this was the case when I last checked about 2-3 days ago. I looked at the data from early this morning and it wasn’t showing any FOP availability until 60+6 and then only for the last few times slots. How crazy!

I hope you’re able to modify to times you want!

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Okay so for our DHS day

I planned:
7/19 DHS 7a-1p/6p-11p
8a-9a Slinky Dog Dash
9a-10a ToT
10a-11a RNRC

and got

10:15a ToT
11:50a RNRC
7:40p Slinky Dog Dash

I just checked and TSMM is wide open for FP starting at 8am. Should I drop Slinky Dog and grab a TSMM? That would give me the ability to grab an evening FP for something else where I can’t feasibly do that now.

We will be there before RD to attack Toy Story Land, but I’m just unsure how to balance these FPs.

Why do they make this so difficult?

I agree that is a tough situation - really depends on how badly you want to ride Slinky Dog. Personally I would hit rope drop and go right to Slinky Dog and wait whatever time you are comfortable with or simply skip it - having that FP so late in the day for Slinky will limit you from getting other FPs where you can ride things multiple times if you desire and getting a FP for TSMM early in the morning seems pretty good too.

I’d agree - if you can RD HS with the EMH, then definitely adjust to a morning TSMM and check Slinky Dog off with the RD. If you have doubts about getting everyone up and rolling to hit RD though, it’s trickier. Are you willing to wait 2 hours for Slinky just to ride it? If yes, then make the change, but if not then how much do you want to guarantee you at least get 1 ride?

Tough choices, but I’d lean towards the change and crossing my fingers that at RD the lines aren’t ridiculous. I haven’t seen any throughput estimates on SDD yet either so we don’t really know if it’s a slow loader or not…

I would keep it as is just now. If you can’t get an earlier one, then rope drop it and see if the wait is OK. You could then modify SDD to TSMM for a bit later that day (both are tier 1).

My FP+ reservations opened on Monday. The system completely failed me. After escalating my problems up the ladder at Disney, I was informed that the FP+ system was overloaded by requests. I suggest you complain to Disney. I have been informed that my complaint may take a week to get seen by management. I may never step foot in a Disney park again.

I think that was just someone that answers the phone “making stuff up”. There was a system update that did not go well. That happens often.

They have released a bunch of fast passes recently. Did you get them @3KnoWell?