FP day tomorrow - 30 days out - help?

Hello! Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to make fastpasses for our DAH at MK coming up in March. Since we are staying off-site, tomorrow will be the 30 day mark. All along I had planned for us to be in MK at 7:00 and start in Adventureland making our way clockwise around the park throughout the whole evening. So, I’m planning on FPs for Jungle Cruise 6:30-7:30, Pirates 7:30-8:30, and then BTMRR at 8:30. Now I’m wondering if we should start in Tomorrowland and go counterclock wise instead. Should we try for FP for Buzz, SM, and Speedway instead? Ugh! Why am i questioning plans now?

Edited, I missed the DAH before and misunderstood your post. If the park closes at 9 then probably your last FP would have to be 8 pm to 9 pm unless you can pick up a SDFP after you ride Pirates? (And I would think a SDFP for BTMRR would be unlikely at that time for that date)

I think I would take your clockwise approach. JC and Pirates are longer rides, so knocking those out before the official party begins with FP makes sense to me. Plus, I think most people at DAH will head 7DMT and Space first, so they should be a bit more cleared out by the time you get around to those.

I have read before that some people have been able to secure 3 fastpasses on their DAH night. I’m assuming, though, that I will only be able to reserve 2 tomorrow since the park closes at 9? Do they never issue FP in the last hour of the night unless they start on the hour - like 8-9?

You can get a FP within the last hour (like 8:30-9) it just isn’t valid for a full hour in those cases.


Try and get something like
6.30 - 7.30
7.30 -8.30
8.30 -9.30

Last one won’t be valid after 9 but can still be obtained

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Thanks! I will try for those times. I am hoping BTMRR will be still available for that late of time in the evening. Not too worried about availability for JC or POC.

Well, now they’ve gone and extended the hours at MK for the evening we will be there with now a park closing at 10 instead of 9. I’m tempted to try for a FP for Splash instead of BTMRR but this far out there is no telling if it will be too cool to ride Splash with a 9:00 FP…

Two tips:

  1. Start logging on about 2 minutes before 7. My clock was off from Disney’s and I started getting FPs at 6:59.

  2. Be prepared for afternoon or later FPs to be left by now. Take the earliest you can get and then modify. If you get your preferred, great, but please don’t be paralysed and wondering what to do when all you see is afternoon and evening FPs, if any in some cases. Just book and modify.

I started off with a 9:50pm SDMT and within two weeks (of constant watching) I had that down to 4:10pm. But I was able to get BTMRR in the late morning, which was perfect for me. SM was at 2pm.

Anyway, have your plan B ready so you can do your bookings without panicking. Good luck.

Perfect-got JC at 6:30, POC at 7:30, and BTMRR at 8:30. We are allowed into the park at 7:00, so that gives us a leisurely half hour stroll to get to JC by 7:30 and then straight into POC right after. We’re going to try and time BTMRR to be on it during the fireworks. There were plenty of fast passes still available early-late evening for everything except SDMT.

What time can you start booking fast passes 30 days out. Is it midnight EST?

7am Eastern time

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Help! I just got an email that my BTMRR has been canceled due to changing schedule at MK!! But it still shows up in my plans on MDE??