FP Day Today and the mess that is HS

FP Day today and got just about everything I wanted except for our first HS day - July 28th - an 8AM EMH open. I was planning to RD TSL, do the M&Gs and explore Launch Bay, see BatB at 11:00, and hit up ToT and RnRC with FPs before leaving the park around lunch.

Snagged a TSMM FP as SDD was gone. Trying to decide if it’s worth it to show up to RD Slinky. We have EMM on our second HS day and I don’t know (other than my kids really wanting to ride it the first day we’re there) if RDing will be worth the headache. Also, ToT had zero FP availability until 4pm. I was able to get an early FP for ToT on our EMM day so now I’m considering what I should even do with this day. Still worth it to show up and go? And do what we can?

This will be our 3rd park day and we plan to hop to Epcot that evening for dinner and WS.

It sounds like you’ll be happy with doing things in your EMM day. Personally I find that too many early starts make for a grouchy travel party. I would probably plan to sleep in, hang at resort, and maybe go to HS for a couple of hours before your evening at EP.


Your EMM day will easily get all your TSL goodness. Maybe just take it easy on your first HS day and make HS pt 2 ride heavy.

Star Tours is typically pretty slow in the morning, with everyone rushing to TSL. I’d go there and basically walk on - especially if you RD. After, go see Muppet Vision 3-D, even kids who don’t know them still enjoy it. You can go to AC and do other Star Wars interactions.

Do the other M&G like you said and check out the shows. (Make some memories that don’t involve standing in a queue!) :wink:

Indy is always fun too, along with BatB. It can be nice to have a slower paced day where you still do things, but not at hyperspeed. You can see what the waits are on MDE for ToT or RnR around lunch time, 11:30am - 1pm, and see if you can get on in less than 30 minutes. (usually possible)

Or you can see the what the wait times after 1:30 and do one as you exit to Epcot.

Personally, I wouldn’t wait 100+ mins for SDD, especially if you can EMM the next visit.

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Thank you both! I’ve been hesitant to drop an EMH early start mainly because I’m concerned about the heat. But…I do like the idea of sleeping in and taking it easy with a couple hours in the studios and then hopping to Epcot. Cuts down on transportation time for sure. I’ll just need to prepare my crew for just waving at Slinky (last trip I didn’t prepare them well and we had epic meltdowns in TSL. :persevere:).