FP day coming up and struggling with HS

This trip we are not RD’ing so my planning in general feels strange! I would love to do RotR and SR but my kid has no interest so without RD I’ll probably just save it for a someday solo trip. My plan is to try for SD (it’s day 60+4 so fingers crossed!). My guess is that we will hit the park around 1pm. My plan is 2 shows then go for SDFP and just ride what we get. I made a reservation for the Fantasmic package at MM just because we have never seen it but it seems silly to waste time eating if our day doesn’t start until 1pm. Any thoughts? Has anyone had much luck recently doing same day FP touring at HS? Oh and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad is opening! For an obsessive planner all the uncertainty is equal parts awful and freeing!

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I actually lucked into a couple same day FPs for Slinky Dog on the Sunday before Christmas - it is definitely possible! I was so worried about HS and it was my first trip, but we got to do everything we wanted and even rode ToT and RnRC multiple times.

That’s what I was hoping to hear!!! Hopefully our experience will be similar😃

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I’ve read in multiple places that HS is weird right now b/c tons of people show up at opening to get boarding groups but then crowds thin later in the day. So perhaps your timing will be really great.