FP date coming up- Party of 17- NEED HELP

On Saturday at 6 am I will be able to start getting our fast passes lined up for our trip in mid Sept for our family of 17 people going (3 families+ grandparents) How nuts is it going to be to get anything that is worth anything? We really want to ride FOP and SDMT and Slinky Dog but I just don’t know how to get those FP with such a large group? Any tips and tricks? I have a Travel agent who does this all the time but I want to make sure we get times we want because we have kids that will need naps etc. and we are hopping parks some days. Thank you!!!

7DMT shouldn’t be that hard if you push it towards the end of your trip. FoP also has decent odds towards the end of your trip. Remember that Disney has hundreds, if not thousands of FP’s each hour. Finding a prebook slot when there are still 17 available isn’t that much of an ask. It’s really the day-of FP’s that are hard to get for a party of that size.

Worst comes to worst, split up the party, book separately and then modify until you’re together.

Thank you! I am wondering how difficult it is to book on the morning it opens…how is the system? Does it shut down a lot? Is it easy to navigate or should my sister and I try to be booking for different days at the same time with the group split up?

When traveling with my family of 3, I book fast passes online. When traveling with my extended family, party size 8-10, I call to book fast passes. I call at 7 am on my fast pass day. For my trip in just a few weeks, with a large party with multiple room reservations ,I had all the room reservations ready and my park days planned according to touring plans crowd level recommendations as well as walking pattern ( wanted to minimize walking for the grandparents). Know the rides you want. I was able to get all my reservations for our 8 day trip including FOP and SDD. Good luck with yourFP, have a great trip, sounds like fun!

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Is there anyway you can have one person from each family group get together, even if it’s over the phone, to make each groups fpp’s? getting a plan together for 17 people sounds a little overwhelming to me, I think I would attempt to have yourself and 2 others each do fp’s for 5 or 6 of you. Just don’t forget anyone, and make sure everyone knows who’s passes they are “in charge” of.


Just wanted to mention that I have all rooms and guests linked in MDE. That way once the dining and fast pass reservations are booked I can modify or cancel for the entire party. This means with the one account, I order all magic bands for everyone and they ship to me then pass them out to family members. I find having it linked together in one account simplifies things. The only thing you may want to do is attach different credit cards for each room, otherwise it may go to your MDE default credit card info. When we check in, each family checks the credit card listed for their room and we have never had a problem.

Why call with a bigger party?

Just curious. My FPP day is next week and I am booking for a group of 8.


I tend to call because I’m a bit worried with the multiple room reservations that something might be missed or limited due to party size of 10. I think a few years back you had to call for dining reservations with a party size of 10 or more and I just felt more comfortable after everything went smoothly on that first trip with calling. If I had only one room reservation with a multi bedroom suite for 8, I’d book online. then use MDE and share plans with friends and family. I’m just a worrier and feel more comfortable doing it that way, but either way works. Hope you get all the FP you want, have a wonderful trip!

This is kind of what I am confused about. It’s been 14 years since we’ve been to WDW, and the whole FP and My Disney Experience thing is new for me. We have an upcoming family trip with 8 of us in 3 rooms at the Pop Century, so while everyone is listed on My Disney Experience when I log in, there are 3 different confirmation/reservation numbers. My FP date is coming up next week, and I am hoping like crazy I can make the first 3 identical FP choices for all 8 of us at the same times, which is how we are planning to tour. Is this possible?

i’ve been successful (and didn’t encounter problems) booking for a party of seven. we had three different reservation/confirmation numbers between us. as long as you are linked on mde, you’ll be able to to make fastpasses for the entire group. good luck!