FP date approaching

This will be my first time using the new FP system—Any Advise, Help, Tips or Tricks or links to read that can help me!

Here’s a tip, once you have an idea of when you want to ride the rides you need FP for, go to the FP availability page on touring plans and look at the times available. This will help you on how to space out the FPs and what times to pick. Also, wake up early and get on that computer at 7 am EST. I was able to get ALL the FPs I wanted except one–not bad! Good luck!

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I made Touring Plans for each day/park and then made a note of which rides I wanted to Fast Pass. I then prioritized them by how difficult it might be to score a Fast Pass on that particular day. (I booked my FPs in order of ride popularity - not necessarily in chronological order.)

In order to see what might be available, you can use these Touring Plans pages:

I also found this site very helpful:

Once I’ve secured FastPasses, I modify my Touring Plans accordingly - and possibly tweak my FPs if better options are available.

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THIS!! Have a hard copy / piece of paper with ALL your FPP selections in the order of hardest to get right next to you. I’ve sat there on FPP day gotten all my passes and then, for fun or to try and get a better time, tried to modify my FPPs. You can see times that were plentiful only minutes ago ALL gone.


Thank you for posting this. It had me double checking everything as my FP day is tomorrow - or so I thought. Nope, I didn’t realize that adding a leading onsite reservation opened the FP window earlier (thank you expensive Saturday flights for prompting us to arrive a day early). I was just checking to make sure the app was working and realized I could make FP reservations. Luckily it was early enough that all my first choices were still available within the windows I wanted.

Thank you again for saving my bacon!