FP Connection between Parks

We were at CA & DL yesterday and we had fast passes to Toy Story and walked over to DL to ride Thunder Mountain and the line was long so we figured we’d get FP for that and when we put our tickets in it spit out a card that said we were holding FP to Toy Story and not eligible for more FP. I thought they were not connected but now they are? Does anyone know if it is specific to certain rides or if the machines are now connected between the parks? Thanks!

All rides are now connected between the parks, it happened a few weeks ago.

Boo! Thanks! At least I know now so we can plan better next time.

We went last year before maxpass and going again next year. (Just got back from WDW). I was wondering if the parks were still connected, especially with maxpass. Especially since I was the one that occasionally went back and forth to collect FP for the family. Really looking forward to MP!

Yes, they are connected still. You can only have a maxpass in one park at a time.

Oops. I meant still not connected. But I get it. Thanks

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