FP booking madness!

So today was our day to book FP! Woke up at 5:30am to make sure I was all set to go right at 6:00 CST. Clock struck 6:00am and…I am greeted by the decapitated Olaf! :cry:. 1 hour of trying every device I could and was only able to secure the single hardest FP out there, FOP. After that, nuttin. So I called WDW, expected wait time over 90 minutes. Oh well, what else was I gonna do?
So while I was on hold, I jumped on here and saw in chat that everyone was having issues and those who got through to a CM were told, nothing could be done, systems were down. But, I decided to brave it and wait to speak to my very own CM…and I’m so glad I did. Nelson took my call and confirmed that yes, the systems were down but, he said he would see what he could do for me. Now mind you, I was beyond stressed out at this point (I’m not usually someone you want to be around when I’m that stressed) but, I never raised my voice, I sympathized with him about how hard it must be for the CM’s fielding all the angry calls, and I thanked him for anything he might be able to do to help. 1 hour later, I had every FP I wanted except for SDD, which I knew was a long shot because HS is the first and second day of our TP.
I know not everyone has great things to say about CM’s but Nelson truly saved the day AND I’m so thankful for all that he did! He also told me he’s making notes on my account and that when we arrive at WDW to go to GS and there should be a Golden FP offered to me because of everything. I know there’s no guarantee of that but, just hearing it might happen made me smile!
Thought I’d share a happy, positive experience with everyone today!! :heart_eyes:


What’s a Golden FP?

It can be used one time on any ride I believe (except FOP). If I’m wrong about this, hopefully someone will be able to explain it better for me! :grimacing:

Yes, can be used for anything usually.

Yay!!! Staying calm and being polite goes such a long way with CMs. They will make magic happen if you stay calm, and even more if you are polite and patient.

All things I struggle with, but have worked hard at while in the parks or calling Disney.

We had a HUGE issue yesterday at Disneyland. And I could have LOST IT on the poor CM. But it was her system, not her fault, and in the end Disney went above and BEYOND to fix it. I’m still in awe of it.

But I was calm and polite the entire time. I think it made a huge difference. (although I did get a little firm at one point, but she was wrong and I was right.)


That’s great!!! So glad they were able to help you out. Definitely important to stay calm and polite

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Golden FP have limits no Pandora, 7DMT, Frozen, ect… but I did use ours for Peter Pan

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++ @JuliaMc … Disney is an unusual organization in that you do not need to push your concern to higher and higher levels in order to get a resolution. All Cast Members are empowered to provide you a remedy (the Golden FP is only one of many ways) and your success is largely based on your demeanor.


You are absoloutly correct. Although our issue at Disneyland was well above the frontline CM, in fact her lead had to call their lead. It was a HUGE ticketing issue. They could have just told us “too bad, so sad”, but in the end they once again reminded me why we love Disney.

I sent a very long and detailed email praising the CM who sorted it all out to guest services. I know she didn’t have any idea of how much what she did meant to the group I was traveling with.

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