FP before MVMCP starts

Hi all! I have a question regarding how to book fast pass for the 3 hours before MVMCP officially starts @ 7 pm.

So, I have to buy the tickets first and link them to My Disney Experience. Then I can proceed with online FP booking? Is it 60 days from the party date or 60 days from the first day of my vacation? Or do I have to wait till I get in the park that day to book FP?

Thank you!

If you are staying onsite your FP day opens for your whole stay at day 60. The park ticket acts like a day ticket and you can book then. You can enter at 4:00 but FPs must be completed by 6:30 so you can book at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30. Have you read this thread.

I tried asking in regular chat but I don’t have enough characters to explain myself I think. :slight_smile:

I"m wondering if a dummy account is the only way to do this? Couldn’t you just add the fake people to your regular MDE and assign those “dummies” the party ticket?. So say you have 4 people in your regular MDE. Add 4 more “family members” and use everyone’s middle names. Now you have 4 people with regular park tickets for FP, 4 different people (dummies) with different names with FP for party tickets. 4 people with 2 sets of fastpasses. Creating another MDE and linking seems like more steps than just adding to your own, so I’m wondering if that would work. Easier to keep track of too. My only thoughts on a possible snag is if they check names on the MNSSHP party. Could “Joe” get in with a ticket that’s been assigned to someone named “Bob”? Thoughts?

I think the room limits on number of people in a room would catch you on that one. DIS knows you can’t have 8 in a room, so you’d need 2 rooms.

I guess it might work for a couple as they could double up and only be at 4…