Fp+ before date

I am taking family. April 27- May 4,(this is going to be a BIG xmas surprise to all ), I can start fp on 2/27 but new mickey ride opens march 4, do you thin i can fp for that before ride actually opens, thanks to all

To be determined. For SWGE, the attractions have opened without FPP at all (will be introduced at a later date). Depending on how popular they think MMRR will be and how confident they are in the opening date, they could introduce FPP before ride opening. I wouldn’t bank on it.

Sometimes they release FPs fir new rides 60 days in advance, sometimes they don’t. You’ll just need to keep an eye out.

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For what it’s worth, there aren’t FPs available for it on opening day (or subsequent days) for those eligible for the club level FPs. Neither are the Star Wars rides at that time.

I think the last rides to open with FP (TSL and Pandora) were all available at 60 days before.

I definitely remember pandora opening FPPs at the 60 day window. I was planning at trip at the time. Wasn’t paying close attention for TSL. I’ll be watching MMRR closely as I’ll be traveling almost exactly one month after opening (which is, oddly, The same timeline I had for FOP in 2017)