FP before After Hours

If you purchase an after hours ticket to MK but do not have a regular park ticket for that day, are you given the ability to schedule 3 FPs during the 7-10pm window when you are allowed to enter the park before after hours begins?

I’ve been told by a CM that yes, these AH tickets are able to be used for FP during normal park hours.

However, I was also told that if using a regular park ticket at a different park the same day, then FP rules apply as if it were a single hopper ticket and can’t simultaneously have FP in both parks reserved, even though they would be associated with two separately purchased tickets. You’d be limited to same-day FP at the AH park if wishing to reserve/use FP at the first park. I questioned that, and was told that even though FP seems to be linked to ticket, it’s really linked to person. Has anyone experienced or been told differently?

I have FPs booked for an MK AH. The park closes at 9:00. I booked 6:15, 7:15, and 8:30.

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So if you were to have a regular park ticket to be used at a different park earlier that day, it won’t let you also book FP’s at the first park, correct?

It will not unless you buy it and link it to a “dummy account”.

So not to piggy back off this question but since I was going to ask the same question along with…
Since the answer is yes, what suggestions does everyone have to use said FPs? Wasn’t sure if I wanted to schedule any or just use that as exploring time and find a place for the fireworks which shouldn’t be too big of a deal since I will be going solo this time.

I struggled with this since when I did MK AH it was the only time I have ever been able to stay on Big Thunder and ride a 2nd time . I was able to book BYMRR and Space when I first bought the ticket (well after 60 days). I changed the space to 7DMT last week (about 40 days when hours were increased) and then when FPs were added for the last half hour I added HM. If possible, I would add those attractions that will still have a longer queue (PP and 7DMT) or an attraction you want to do as many times as possible.

We have VAH tickets for the 10th and our first park tickets will be used on the 13th. Do I have to link the VAH tix to a dummy account to book FPPs on the 10th or can they stay linked to me?

You can link it to your profile.

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