FP+ availabilty not working

Hey folks,

Anyone else use this feature of the website under FP+? You used to be able to see in the future the availability of FP+ times of rides in the parks. It was kind of handy because I used it to pick my FP+ reservations for my touring plan times. It must of gotten broken with Disney’s update to FP+


I noticed over the last few days that it was frozen with a last update of 4/9 at some point in the early morning. Good call on the recent FP+ changes being a potential breaking change.

@len, any ETA on when this feature will be back online?


It shouldn’t be too long. We have to explain to the staff how to do it. English is not their first language.

I’m guessing a couple of weeks.


Thanks @len. If you get desperate, I’m a seasoned developer and English is my first language…



Thanks! I might take you up on that.:smile:

One of our developers just went on paternity leave a month early, hence the extra lead time.


(Total aside: Paternity leave! A wonderful idea. Love it! Congrats to the new dad.)


I just came here to ask about FP availability. I hope it gets fixed soon. We are going next week - and I have found the tool to be useful. Although I will say that the Disney update - has made it clearer what is still available and when.

I’m working on this today. Hopefully it’s simple enough that it can get fixed soon.


I’ve got instructions out to our back-office folks for this. I expect something in about a week.


Any luck in getting the FP+ availability back to your system??:wink:

Yes, all of the training is done, and we should have it back this week. Thanks for your patience.

FP+ availability is back. It’s got current FP info now, and is busy filling out the future. Thanks for your patience with this.


Awesome!!! Thank you for the hard work!!

What is the best way to utilize this info? Is this supposed to be telling us what might be available right now? Its a fairly accurate snapshot of current availabiilty? Is it updated every xxx minutes or do we just hit refresh?

I just checked, for example, Star Tours. The FP availabiilty shows all sorts of times in the morning June 3rd. But when I go onto Disney site, first time available is 11:15am

For the FP+ availability, it shows for a party of 1 in the small print, anyway to change that to actual party size for more accuracy or does party size not matter?