FP availability - more released?

I have read about additional FPs being released on the day-of but are any released prior? My FP window opens tomorrow but the FP+ availability on the TP site is showing that several are already sold out for the week we are there (Slinky Dog and Avatar, for example). I’m wondering if any FPs might open up for those rides in the coming weeks or if I will just have to cross my fingers and hope I snag one while in the park.

Additional passes are added if hours are extended, but otherwise its more about if people are cancelling/modifying their own fast passes. I’ve had decent success checking between my original FP days and my actual trip (especially in the days leading up to the trip) finding and adjusting my FP, but its somewhat of a luck thing that you are on when it happens. I wouldnt count on it when I make my TPs, but its a pleasant surprise if I am able to get one of those highly desired FP!

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While TP’s FPP avialablitiy is pretty good - this site The Dibb is even better

As previously mentioned, you’ll be more successful modifying what you get than hoping they’ll release more.

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Thanks! I’ll keep checking the site and hope I can snag one that someone drops. I got Avatar last trip but I can’t recall if I picked it up when my window opened or if it was by chance while modifying my plans. Luckily I just need one or two since we will be using Rider Swap whenever possible. Fingers crossed!

We must be checking in on the same day as my wife and I will be making our fastpasses tomorrow too. Thanks for the link on the other site, and for crushing our dreams of getting SDD and FOP for the days we were going there.


My teen likes to call me “Dream Killer”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I got FOP (8am) & SDD (5pm) thru modifying in the last couple weeks. Still no luck getting 7DMT.

I got FOP for my November trip but only at 60+4 which is my last day and will be cutting it close time-wise. Still trying to modify. I got a late SDMT but absolutely no luck with SDD and I’m just a party of 1.

I also set up alerts on fp4me but other than a couple of hits on SDMT, which I guess I was too slow to grab, nada.

Sometimes there do seem to be additional drops that are not related to park hours. On our last trip Disney released a huge number of FOP fastpasses for all of August about six weeks before our trip. I went from a 6pm fastpass to being able to pick any time I wanted on our AK day. BUT I certainly wouldn’t count on that happening.

People change their plans all the time for many reasons. I’ve been able to modify almost all of my FP in the time frame I need. I have 2 more that are definitely doable, but I check at least once in the morning and once before bed (and on boring days at work several times a day).

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I don’t know why I’m stressing - I know I’ll be checking at least 15 times a day for the next 59! :wink:


I am seeing limited availability (according to TP) for FOP beginning 11/22 and LOTS of FP availability for it beginning 11/23. Assuming if your FP window opened today you would still be there those days.

I’m on the hunt for SDD for the 19th, FOP on the 20th, and 7DMT on the 21st. Fingers crossed!