FP+ at Rope Drop

New to Touring Plans and the forum. I am just begining to work on my touring plans and we haven’t visited WDW since the new FP+ system was implemented. When I am selecting my FP’s for the day should I use them early morning? Example: if we were headed to Seven Dawrfs Mine Train after rope drop do we need to FP this ride or just go directly to it and wait to ride if needed? Let’s say the same thing for Soarin or Toy Story Mania, etc. Sorry newby here.

Typically I like to make a touring plan, and then find the three rides with the longest estimated wait times and use my FP on those.

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I’ll give you there things to think about

  1. Create a touring plan and it will give you suggestions for rides and when to use them.

  2. Make them for later in the day when you know it will be busier and lines will be longer

  3. make them as early as possible so that you can use them faster and get more as soon as possible.

I go with 3…I’ve made a 7dmt for the 9-10 hour so that I can rope drop other things in fantasyland, and then try to ride 7dmt during the 15 min grace period before heading to the West side of the park. I’ll also use them for re rides. As soon as I’m done using the 3rd one, I head to a kiosk for more. I’ve never had a wishes or parade fpp because I don’t want to be unable to book them

I’ve definitely made a tsmm fpp, ridden it at rope drop run to Aerosmith to ride that then gone back to tsmm with the fpp, used it, then hit up a kiosk to get another fpp

Thank you! That was going to be my other question about really needing a fpp for a parade or fireworks.

See i’m the opposite… we never used or needed a 4th fp. We got MSEP and Wishes FP our arrival night. There were actually a few times we didn’t even use our three because we didn’t need them. A lot of it depends on time of year you go.

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I am a park hopper, so I always save my FPs for the 2nd park. If I was only going to stay in one park, I would never book anything before 11. It may be the time of year I hav visited, but I have never been able to book a 4th headliner without at least a three hour wait. I assume if I am booking a 4th, 5th or 6th FP it will be an attraction that usually has a40 minute wait for stand by, if I am lucky.

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Sorry should have said we are going early June and no park hoppers

In the Magic Kingdom, I’m likely to make FPP selections first thing in the morning, since there are so many attractions that I use FPP for, there’s more likely to be something I want later in the day.

In Epcot, if I’m only going to be there one day, then I may use all of my FPP in the morning in hopes that I can get another FPP for either Test Track or Soarin (whichever I didn’t use FPP for earlier) as soon as I use my third FPP (hopefully, around 10:30). If I’m going to be in Epcot more than once, then I may not do this.

In Animal Kingdom on the Studios, there aren’t a whole lot of attractions that I need FPP for, so I may schedule these at any point during the day, possibly later if I think I’ll want to re-ride something I rode near rope drop.

For the two examples you mentioned, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Toy Story Mania, I lean toward riding at rope drop, because both have interesting/entertaining queues and first thing in the morning is the best time to see these without too much of a wait. That doesn’t matter to everyone, but sometimes there’s something you want to see in the standby line. Peter Pan is now like this, too, but I haven’t seen that queue yet.