FP+ at 30 days


We are staying off site so we can do FP+ at 30 days. I’m on the west coast and I was wondering if it is worth it to get up at 4am to get the reservations or since we are at 30 days all the good stuff is already going to be gone and go ahead and wait tell I wake up. Our trip is 6-21 to 6-25.

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Keep in mind that while all the “good stuff” might be gone, you are still competing for the scraps with the other 30 dayers.

And if all the good stuff ISN’T gone, you’d probably want to be ready immediately to get what is left before us east-coasters swoop in and get them ahead of you! :slight_smile:


Yes, maybe the top headliners like 7DMT and FOP will be gone but you still want to get prime time slots for everything else.

If you want the flexibility of getting the times you want for your plans then getting up early is worth it.

We were west coast, at 60 days. As long as you have a plan, I’d still get up, get what you can, and go back to bed. You can always modify later.

I think it depends on how picky you want to be. I sometimes get on right at 7 am EST, 30 days out, just to see what’s available. I have seen FEA at mid-afternoon times frequently, Na’vi River for mid-afternoon, and 7DMT occasionally in the evening. I’ve never seen a FoP available. Anyways, all that to say, if you’re not too picky (or already resigned to either RDing or standby for an hour) then I think you’d be fine to sleep in. If you REALLY want to ride FEA and don’t want to be rushed or worried that you won’t get it…I’d be ready at 4 am.

Yes get up early! It’s a small price to pay. Why risk loosing a good FPP spot. Especially if you are looking for 7DMT, FEA, Na’vi River, and enchanted Tales with Belle. And try for FoP. (You never know)

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Getting up early or sleeping in? Good question why don’t you check what is available on TP the night before. This way if there is something you want get up early if not sleep in.


Your analogy is quite correct … I just find it unfortunate that the process has deprecated to this level

How important is it to wake up early for ADR’s at 180? Or actually, what time are they even available in the first place?

6 am EST online, 7 am EST phone lines open.


Wondering what your success was with 30 day FPs. I’ll be doing 30 days for two days in Jan with CL 6 at AK and MK.

Going to have a party of 6 - well versed at the rolling FP.