FP as DAS holder?

I know Disney is not using FP’s right now, but I used to use a FP as a place holder for an attraction on which we planned to use the DAS. Do we no longer have the option to add a FP to a TP? I’m not seeing that option, but I could very well be missing it somehow. If not, is there any other way to make an adjustment to account for using the DAS in an attraction?

I noticed this, too, which makes things kind of difficult.

@len?!? I have another TP question as well as this one that I have you tagged in.

We’re adding it to the app now. It should still be available on the site and through m.touringplans.com. Let me know if not though.

I’m not seeing it as an option on either the site or m.touringplans.com.

OK, I’ll check. Sorry about that.

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Hi @len. I also would like to use the fast pass booker as a place holder for the use of our DAS pass in my plans, but I also can no longer see it as an option.