FP+ Anxiety Attack

Hi friends -

Talk me down about making FP+ reservations.
We are staying off property, so obviously I can only do 30-day advance.
But my son’s summer job schedule hasn’t been set yet, so I need to wait even LONGER. UGH. MIght be able to get them 2-3 weeks in advance.

I have your basic run-of-the-mill case of Disney Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Lol. We ALWAYS get to the park before RD, btw.
Will I just be stuck out of luck with the FPs?

Also: separate question –
There are 6 in our family.
If I manage to get FP+ for a headliner such as EE for everyone in our party, does it matter who uses which FP? Could I skip the ride and let one of the kids use my FP for a second turn?

Thanks so much!

Just book them now. If your sons schedule comes back different then you can change them, but there is no reason not to go ahead and try and get what you want.
I would use the rider switch for the little one. Then whoever waits with little one can ride and somebody else can ride again.
As far as using the little fast pass yes i believe you can but whoever wants to use it would have to have littleones magic band.

PS its all gonna be ok. You are going to the most magical place in the universe.

Chills - it will be ok

When I was there a couple of weeks ago we only needed FPs for the people riding before they got the rider switch pass. Then, when they loaded the attraction they got the rider switch to be used anytime that month ( up to 3 people). For almost all rides I did have a FP and I would do that alone before someone had a chance to do it again with me. Up to you- you could have two people and the child that cannot ride have another FP (which they do) while everyone gets the rider switch.