FP+ and Same Day FP - Can I scedule them for the same time?

I was wondering if it was possible to schedule a same day fast pass for one person at the same time as a FP+ for another person. For example, if I plan a FP in advance for my husband to ride Pirates at 7 -8 pm, is it possible that I could get a same day FP in that time frame so that I could ride with him?

Yes it’s possible but I wouldn’t rely on it.


Your best chance would be to make sure you knocked out your three prebooked FPs as early as possible. Your husband would get no SDFP with a prebooked one that late.

Why would you not just get them together? I’m confused as to why you’re booking them separately.

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I’m guessing the OP’s DH is doing something else during the day, and then meeting up with her in the park that evening? DH and I do this a fair bit when he plays golf. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t hurt to try. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the exact same window, just overlapping. Then make sure you show up during the smaller overlap window.

We’re a family of five. My oldest & I like to ride all the rollercoasters and DH and the 2 younger kids like to ride the tamer rides. Makes for an interesting FP plan!

Im still a little confused. Is it harder to get a sameday FP for the evening? I know the Unofficial Guide says that the same day FPs for Pirates runs out by 1:00, but does that mean you won’t be able to get a 7:00 FP? Or, does that mean you have to reserve your FP by 1:00 no matter what the FP window is?

Thank you for your help!

The Unofficial Guide is saying that the availability for booking the SD FP runs out at 1 pm for all times that day. I’ve heard that after 3 pm, SD FP are hard to book and you might get stuck with one for later that evening, so that’s the last one you’ll get.
That said, you can start searching for your SD FP as soon as you tap in at your 3rd FP. If your DH has the FP free, it wouldn’t hurt to try this strategy.

For Pirates specifically, I believe you can get fastpasses for completing a couple of the Pirates Adventure quests.


I forgot about reading that in my plan! I had deleted it too. Ops! Great idea! Looks like fun too! Thank you!

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