FP+ and Premier AP?

My wife and I are heading to the World in March, and I'll admit that I haven't been keeping up with a lot of the news on FP+ because it never applied to us when we weren't planning a trip yet. But now I have a question for our very specific situation.

We're Disneyland Passholders and will be upgrading from our Premium AP there to the Premier Passport for this WDW trip. Our DLR AP renews on like 2/22 and the WDW trip starts on 3/2, so we won't be able to do the upgrade to the Premier until we get to WDW property. Does that mean we are just SOL when it comes to making FP+ ressies? We'll have a room-only reservation, and I think you need either a ticket number or an AP number to access the FP+ system... Thanks in advance for any advice you all can provide.

Can you apply a wdw ticket to your renewal?

Umm, no idea. How would that work?

At wdw we buy tickets and then we go to guest services and upgrade to annual passes. I just don't know if you can apply a wdw ticket to a premier pass. I thought the rules changed. @Mr_Itty is usually the expert on these things.

All ticket upgrades are one-to-one. You can't combine two tickets (like a DL AP and a WDW one day) to result in one ticket (like a Premiere Passport)

Are you Disneyland locals? If so, I would just buy the Premiere Passport there, in advance of your WDW trip. There is no renewal discount for the PP, so there is no advantage to renewing your DL AP first and then upgrading to PP. You're going to end up paying the same amount as if you'd bought the PP outright.

Now, depending on your plans for next year, you may have a work around option. You could buy a WDW ticket for however many days you'll be down here, and link it to your account. That will enable you to book your FPs. Then when you get your Premiere Passports, you use those for admission. FPs are linked to accounts, not tickets, so it won't matter which ticket you use to get into the park - you'll still be able to redeem the FPs you prevooked. As long as you never actually use those WDW MYW tickets, you can use them next year to apply to your WDW AP or PP renewal. It's a hefty price to pay in advance, but it would balance out next year.

Clear as mud? smile

My question was, can they buy a base wdw ticket for how many days they are staying on site so that they can make FPP at 60 days and then apply that ticket to the renewal price of their Premier Annual Pass? They want to make FPP for their trip and their renewal date is too close to their wdw trip.

I'm still confused by what you're proposing, @PrincipalTinker. They have a Disneyland Premium Annual Pass. So no, they cannot use a WDW ticket to apply to the renewal of their AP. And there is no renewal price for the Premiere Passport. That's why I said there was no advantage to renewing their DL Premium AP before getting the Premiere Passport.

So, although the Premier Annual Pass can be used at DL and DW, you cannot apply a wdw ticket to the Premier Pass the same way you can apply a base tucket to an AP? I am trying to help the OP, can you think of a way to help? He wants to make FPP and not wait until the week before.

You keep using terminology that doesn't exist, so I don't know what you're actually asking.

What he has: PREMIUM Annual Pass to Disneyland
What he wants: PREMIER Passport, which works at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

I have already stated my advice how to help. The issue is that his renewal date for his Disneyland Premium AP is before he wants to buy the Premiere Passport. The best thing he can do depends on what he wants to do as far as Disneyland is concerned:

If he wants to go to Disneyland sometime between 2/22 and 3/2, he has to either renew the Disneyland AP or buy the Premiere Passport outright. If he buys the Premiere Passport, he can make FP+ for his WDW trip. If not, he'll have to also have a WDW MYW ticket linked to his account.

If he has both a WDW MYW ticket and his Disneyland AP, he cannot use BOTH to combine to produce one Premiere Passport. It just doesn't work that way. All he can do with that MYW ticket at this point is to hold it for next year.

If he does NOT want to go to Disneyland between 2/22 and 3/2, then he has absolutely no reason to renew his Disneyland AP in the first place. Just buy the Premiere Passport outright. If he's not going to be at Disneyland before his WDW trip, however, he can't buy the Premiere Passport in advance, because it can only be bought in person.

So that means that if he DOES NOT want to go to Disneyland between 2/22 and 3/2, he can buy a WDW MYW ticket, link it to his account, and make his FP+. Then when he gets to WDW, use that MYW to upgrade to the Premiere Passport.

I know this is a complicated answer, but frankly that's because it's a complicated question with a decent number of variables that weren't defined in the original post.

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I think based on our timetable, the best option will be just letting the pass lapse for the 10 days and getting a MYW ticket to upgrade when we get there. Do we need to get a base ticket for the number of days we plan on being in the parks in order to make reservations for that number of days?

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Yes, that's correct.