FP+ and Not SoScary Halloween Party

We are doing Hollywood Studios in the morning and afternoon and then on to MK fo the Halloween party.

How would Fast Passes work for that? Do we need them for the Halloween party or should we use them at Hollywood Studios?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

There is no FP availability during the party. You could schedule some prior to, as you can get in as early as 4 pm.

It was suggested to me that you can make party ticket FPP if you can get them BEFORE the actual party time. I did 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 on my MVMCP tickets last year and it worked beautifully.

I know that was the case last year, but you may want to review this:

Since you will be using both a regular ticket and a party ticket, the FP+ cancellation issue won’t affect you. But, because you are using a regular ticket, you can use your FP+ at either park. If you RD HS, you will likely get most of everything done you will want to see even without the FP+ (depending on your interests, I guess). On the other hand, party days seem to be less crowded in general at MK. I would say it’s a wash either way.

I had a dummy profile with my party tickets separate.

So, just so I’m clear. If my group is spending party night ticket without using regular ticket in any way that day (in other words, rest of day outside of parks)-- Can this problem still happen with cancelling the FPs we’ve made for 3:30 @Magic Kingdom?

I understand that no fpps available from 7pm on, but planning to book 3:30/4:30/5:30 fpps & entering Magic Kingdom around 3:45 or so.

Entering before 4 will use up one of your days worth of tickets. You should not tap in until exactly 4 to prevent this from happening.

Thanks @larrie- good to know!