FP+ and Customized Touring Plan

So … what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, what will create a better touring plan – making a FP+ reservation and adding it to a Customized Touring Plan, or creating a Customized Touring Plan and THEN making a FP+ reservation for those attractions listed in my plan?

Also, does touringplans software recommend which attraction I should use FP+ for and when I should use them?

I miss the days of the old paper FastPass! Thanks.

Chicken comes first! Make the customized TP. It will suggest which rides would be good candidates and rough times. Then once you get your actual FP+s you can enter them into the TP and evaluate or optimize.

I kinda figured. Thanks!

I actually do a mix. A few FPP I know exactly what time I want them to be so I plug those FPP in and then evaluate to see what else is recommended. Example 7dmt 9:30-10:30 am time. We hit the other fantasy land attractions at rope drop then 7dmt 10:30 with FPP then move on to next land. Also when we wanted to meet Ana &Elsa or Cinderella right after BBB. I pre selected that FPP time and then let the software suggest the others. It really depends on my plan for the day. Both ways work and I personally have done chicken then eggs, eggs then chicken, 1/2 eggs with 1/2 chicken :grin:

For me, I do the TP first and then get the FPP, after that, if I need to do changes or remake a TP, I do that.

I have to do a TP first, because otherwise it is hard to know what time to get the FPP’s. The plan will remind me what part of a park I may be in (for example, don’t get a Frozen Ever After FPP in World Showcase for a time that we should be in Future World). Once I actually book the FPP I might have to tweak a bit if for some reason a FPP wasn’t available at that time, but for the most part it works out.

I favor doing the TP first and using it to help determine the FPP reservations. I made a post outlining a strategy for doing this - Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+. It used to be pinned to the top of the Touring Plans section for easy access, but I guess it must have gotten unpinned.


Thank you for taking the time to do that brklinck. A lot of information was covered in that post.