FP and accomodations questions

Ok so I know if we stay onsite we get to book FP at 60 days out which is an advantage for the new attractions at AK. We are looking at a possible trip in August 2018 and want to maximise our touring of course. If we stay at a Disney property (even in Disney Springs) for only one night can we still book our FP 60 days out for our 4 or 5 day pass or only the day we are staying on site?

I believe you can only book FP 60 days out for the days you are staying on site. Now the advantage of this is not so much the 60 days out, but the ability to book up to 14 days on the 60th day out. This of coarse gives you 13 days that those staying off site can not book yet. If you are only booking tickets for a day it gives you no advantage at all when it comes to rides like FOP. If you slit your stay you only start 60 days out for the first stay, after that you would book day for day for the other half of your split. I believe this is the way it goes but others out here might see it differently.

You’ll be able to book for both check-in and check-out days. And the window for the remaining days will open up a day at a time. So 60 days for each, but as @DocHopper said, no advantage for FoP etc.

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Yep once again I find myself in agreement with @Nickysyme :grin:

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No exactly. If you have at least one day onsite, the other days can be booked one at a time as they reach day 60. The 60 day window rolls.

Ok so if I stay on site for one day I can only book fast passes for check in day and check out day? Or for more days. there is conflicting info online my hubby says he has read that we only need one day onsite to book for all of our days. I am so confused and I haven’t even officially booked a trip yet :roll_eyes:

Your check in snd check out days will be open. Also, all days before your stay will be open. The days right after your stay will open one day at a time at day 60.

So I can book them even after my check out? I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around this. Usually I am a really smart person :yum:

So if I am staying on site August 20-21 say and my window opens June 20 I can book only for June 20-21 or I can continue to book them even after the 21?

Yes- one day at a time at day 60 for each day.

So to try and break this down further.

Your 60 day mark will be June 21st, I think. You can then book for August 20th and 21st.

On June 23rd, you can book for August 22nd.
On June 24th you can book for August 23rd.


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So if we want to be “sneaky” we book just one day on site and make it our first day then move and still take advantage of the 60 days out! Thank you for your help. I think I might understand it now. Sorry for being so thick :rofl: