FP advance drops?

So yesterday switched my week stay at universal (Dec7-14). to a split stay with Disney. Snagged 4 nights at POP (after consistently searching). Was pass the 60 days for fast passes but beat the 30 day crowd. For HS day there was no slinky dog left and toy story mania not until 1pm which I booked. Just wondering if there are any advance drops of slinky dog FP like they have done in past with FOP. Also going to keep trying to modify my FPS to try and get earlier times. TIA

I’ve been watching the FP availability at 60 day mark and while it’s subjective I’ve noticed that SDMT will usually be unavailable on day 1 and sometimes partially day 2, SDD will be unavailable until about day 4 or 5, and FOP unavailable until Day 5 or 6.

Thanks only doing one day at HS and of course it’s our first day lol.

No there are not generally any drops unless hours are extended.

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Since it’s the week after Rise opens (and it’s impossible that HS will be open only from 9am to 9pm) I’d monitor them and hope in an extension of opening hours around the 10-15th of november