FP ? about FOP

Has anyone successfully gotten a FP for Avatar Flight of Passage after the 60 day timeframe?

Yes. I have one for 6:45 pm on 4/8 that I got at day 60.

Yes – for day 5 of my trip at 12:05pm, but not for day 3. I would advise that you plan your AK day (or one of the AK days if you go twice) towards then end of your trip then you have a better chance of securing at FP for FOP within your travel window.

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Yes. I’ve been surprised to hear folks have been having issues. I’ve gotten it no problem for last June, September, December and February. Usually plan it for day 3 or 4 of the trip. In January, we made the decision to go about 35 days before - and I was still able to get FOP for the afternoon of day 3. I don’t think we go at slow times.

Maybe you could try going to AK on a non-EMH day. Intuitively, people staying on site are likely to be the only ones making 60+ reservations and mostly gravitate towards EMH days. Just a theory, I haven’t tried it myself.

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I read this question differently - I thought that @earlydisney was asking if people had any success getting a FP after the 60-day mark had passed; i.e. at 55 or 45 days out. Hope they can clarify the question for us.

I thought the same @MouseGirl42!

Yes, we are 50ish days out and haven’t been able to snag a FOP FP. I’m wondering if anyone has successfully been able to obtain one AFTER the 60 days out.

Sorry, misunderstood! As I mentioned, I have for a trip in Mid-January. And I’ve gotten same day in September and early December. But for my other trips, I’ve hardly seen anything after 60 days.

You can. When I first booked my trip for last Sept. there were no FOP available at 60 days out. I checked daily and, within about a week I was able to secure one. Not at my dream time, and I had to rearrange some things, but I got one.

That being said, when I just made FPP reservations for June, there was very little to no FPP availability for days 1-3 of my trip, but I was able to have a reasonable selection at day 6 - FPP were widely available after 10:30 am.

So, that was my experience. If you keep looking, you will probably find some. There are MANY stories of people getting FPP for FoP all during the lead-up to the trip. You just have to search diligently and be flexible.

TY for adding some hope to my day! :slight_smile:

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