FP+ - 4 booked, only 3 riding question

Hello everyone - first post here, but I've been a subscriber for a few years. Taking the family (wife & my 11 year old son and daughter) on their 5th trip in the last 6 years. Our first trip with MagicBands and FP+

Anyway, I have 4 FP+'s chosen for all of the days of our trip. However, my wife doesn't ride some of the bigger stuff - Space & Splash, RNR, ToT, etc.

I just booked 4 FastPasses anyway, figuring it would be easier.

If she doesn't ride, does her FP expire after the time window is up? So if we use our 3 FP's in the morning and want to book more, will I still be able to book all 4 of us even if she didn't use one or two?

Or should I have her come through the line with us (or take her MagicBand with us)?

Thanks for the responses.

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I have never used FP+ but my understanding is that you could do either. Just let the time expire or tap her band even if she doesn't actually ride. Hopefully someone with more expertise will be able to answer in the morning. Glad to see you chatting. Welcome

Yup. Expires once the time is up. She doesn't have to ride. One of you could take her MB for seconds if you'd like. On the third FPP, you may want to pick something you all can ride or have her scan her MB and not ride as that'll get you to the 4th quicker. You can book the 4th right after the 3rd is used.

We had this exact situation in our recent visit - unused FPP expires at the end of its window. As stated above, this will mean you will need to wait to book the 4th FPP. This wasn't an issue with us as we generally didn't use 4th FPP but if it is for you then book your last FPP for something you will all do or take your wife's magic band through the fastpass line with you.

You could also change some of her FP+ to something only she would like to ride, and she can do that while you are on the other rides. Just a thought.

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Someone could ride using her band.. You could take turns! My hubby won't ride something's so I use his band