FOW at AK - FPP Dist Done in March?

Looking at March 18 planning for AK - it’s our first visit & the kids really enjoyed the Flights of Wonder show we’ve watched online…trying to nab a FPP+ (which TP says shouldn’t be necessary, but fig I’d try, just to be on the safe side), and there’s none avail? Lots of avail for other major attractions, anyone know what’s up? Thx!

Flights of Wonder is closed 1/25-3/17/16. So I suspect it has something to do with them not knowing for sure when that work will be done?

Ahh, makes sense. I see that now, how there’s nothing showing until that date, thx. Hopefully it’ll all work out, looks like a fun show!

It is a nice show, but there’s no way you need a fastpass for it. Hope it’s open for your trip.

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Don’t need a FP to see show. Great show .

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Thx all! Just finishing up planning, hope the show will be back that day & I’ve put our FPs to good use on other attractions :smile: