Fourth FP After Parade

Thinking about getting a FP for the FOF parade, but wondering how it would work if we wanted a 4th FP that day. Do we have to wait until the parade is over? After we scan our badges to enter the FP viewing area? If the latter, will they let me leave the viewing area after they scan me in?
We were planning to leave the park right after the parade, but I thought it might be nice to see the Town Square Mickey on our way out (without waiting 40+ minutes). I understand there is a FP kiosk close to the parde viewing area, so I am hoping I can pop in there to get a FP for Mickey before the parade starts.
Any suggestions? Thank you!

You should be able to leave the FPP viewing area after you’ve tapped in. I’ve never done this an re-entered the viewing area, but CMs have told me that I can do that. I’d probably just make sure I told a CM at the entrance that I was coming back.

As far as getting a 4th FPP, that shouldn’t be a problem, but getting one for the Mickey meet is not likely. When I’ve looked for that on short notice there may only be 1 or 2 times that it is available and they’re often much later in the day. Things like Small World, Philharmagic, and Dumbo are often available close to the time you visit a kiosk, but the more popular and lower capacity attractions may be unavailable or only offer times much later in the day.

My experience as well. By 3PM, most of the FPPs that are left are for attractions that don’t really need them in the first place - unless you’re willing to stay quite late when you might have a better chance.

[quote=“bswan26, post:3, topic:20272”]
My experience as well. By 3PM, most of the FPPs that are left are for attractions that don’t really need them in the first place[/quote]

It depends when you’re visiting. With FPP redistributing crowds a little bit and the parks being busier to begin with, I’ve been in the Magic Kingdom a number of times when Small World standby waits for over half an hour, you had to wait through two Philharmagic shows before getting into the theater, and I’ve even seen a part of the queue for Stitch that I didn’t even know existed. Other attractions, like Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Buzz Lightyear are also usually available. Those all frequently have 30 minute or longer wait times in the middle of the day (and Jungle Cruise is even longer during the inevitable breakdowns of Pirates during the day).

Thanks to you both! This is very helpful info. We are going the second week in April when Magic Kingdom crowds are predicted to be around a 5-6, depending on the day of the week. Didn’t know that (desirable) 4th FPs are so tough to come by. Glad that I found this out in advance because I was creating some of my touring plans with the assumption that we would be able to get same day FPs close in time to when we visited the kiosk. So, thank you!