Fourm question

What's all the numbers beside each category on the main page.

It's how many new threads there were since you were last visiting that topic page.

Ok, sometimes there two lots of numbers. What's the difference

If there is one in grey and one in blue circles. The grey one seems to be posts from the thread that were there when you last visited the thread page, but you have not yet read (ie, you didn't scroll all the way down the page). The one in blue shows the number of new posts since you last visited that thread page. If that makes sense...

That's all very confusing and unnecessary . There both happen to be blue. I'll keep plodding on. Thanks for the help.

Its all very confusing, but hopefully we will get the hang of it soon.

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Sigh. My head hurts

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Like I just learned that if you put two stars * * with no space before and after a word it makes it bold...who knew?

Lol, they made me laugh. I just feel that it's a very complicated forum. It could have all the same features in a much more easily displayed way

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On my PC, where is the link on the website for the forum?

Not sure. I find the website hard to navigate also.