Four Shows (HS's Beauty & Beast Live & Wonderful World of Animation, MK's Monster Inc Laugh Floor and EPCOT's Turtle Talk w/Crush)) return during the month of August

Starting August 1, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with the return of “Wonderful World of Animation.”

On August 15, At HS’s Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard with “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage.

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor returns August 8th

Turtle Talk with Crush returns August 21st


Cool!! I’m so glad to see equity actors coming back.
Is the Wonderful World of Animation new? Or is that what was shown before the star wars fireworks show?

That was the show that was shown about an hour before closing each night.

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Sigh… I will be there Aug 3-5, too bad, my granddaughter would have loved Turtle talk and Beauty and Beast. I was hoping for Aug 1st.

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Um… where is AK’s show?


We are so excited to add World of Animation and Monsters Inc to our itinerary, but a little bummed about Turtle Talk! My kids LOVE that experience. We had already resigned to it not being open when we go, but missing it by just a couple days is like salt in the wound.

I’m so glad that they are bringing back entertainment

Good question.

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I’m sad to miss it by a couple of days as well. However, DD said she didn’t care. She’s way more excited about Monsters Inc. She threw her phone across the room when I told her last night it might be back in time for our trip. Thank goodness it is.

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I’m with you. . . there through the 10th of Aug. but edited to add, our MK day is earlier than when Monsters Inc re-starts. So we get 1 out of 4 at least. I guess better than nothing, but it still stings a bit.

Well they are adding more Lion King shows to the daily schedule