Four Parks in One Day Advice - For TOMORROW!

(I know I have been MIA for a while. Real life intruded and I haven’t been able to hang here as I would like to. Will work on fixing that!)

Old friend reached out to me late Monday night about help with a visit to WDW tomorrow (Thursday). Her husband is at a conference at WDW and she is flying down to meet him today (Wednesday). They have one day at WDW on Thursday and one day at Universal on Friday.

It is just the two of them. They have taken family trips in the past but it has been a while.

I asked lots of questions and these are the basics…

Staying on Property Wednesday night (checking out Thursday)
Using Disney Transportation
Park Reservation for Magic Kingdom
Planning on purchasing ILL+ for Rise and Guardians
Purchasing Genie+
Food will be on the go/Mobile Ordering

I am adding their “to do” lists for each park below. I am thinking they should do the parks in MK/AK/DHS/EPCOT order, which will allow them to catch Harmonious at the end of the day, but Harmonious wasn’t on their list so not imperative so order can be switched if you all think of a better option.

Other than general recommendations (ie leave an hour transportation time between parks, when to arrive at MK for early entry RD, etc), can you take a look at their must dos and share any thoughts. I am trying to help her in a short period of time and am hoping a group effort is more efficient than me hunting it all down by myself.

Magic Kingdom:

Must do’s:
Space Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
Peter Pan
Splash Mountain

Nice to do (because we are Disney dorks!):
Seven Dwarfs Train
Winnie the Pooh
Buzz Lightyear
Little Mermaid

Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest

Guardians of the Galaxy
Test Track

Hollywood Studios
Rise of the Resistance
Rock 'n Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror

Thoughts? Considerations? I have never done 4 parks in one day so while I have theoretical experience, none of it is practical for her. (and I did point out that contacting me earlier would have been ideal! :upside_down_face:)

Thank you!!!


I thought you had a spontaneous trip, which was exciting. Of course, this is exciting too–I hope you’ll report how it works out for her. No advice–sounds like a great line-up!


I think this should be doable. That’s a lot of attractions for MK, but since it’s the first park and they have till 1pm, it’s possible they could complete them all, or at least make a dent in the “nice to dos.”

Three attractions at both Epcot and HS will be tricky, and they may not have much choice of when their ILLs are for. They may have to roll with the punches. They should probably decide in advance which of their must-dos they will drop if they can’t do it all. But whatever park they end the night on will probably have a little extra time if they play it right.

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Ummmmm good luck! That’s a lot of long wait time attractions. I have them buy Rise and GotG ILLs and plan on catching the other HS lls with drops hopefully.

4 parks in one day is a different proposition with park hopping happening at a certain time.

We’ve done 3 parks in one day a lot but only once did some of us do 4. Hopped first at 11. There was a lot of MDE checking for line waits. This was before Covid.

And there was photo passing in each park.

I’d say be sure to fuel up before leaving MK as you’ll have the most time there.

Rhetorically, why oh why is EE so far from FoP . . .

Love to hear how this works out! :blush:

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I’d love to hear how it went too. We did 4 parks in a day in August but that was dealing with a very different crowd level, and we had a car. We were also just revisiting 2 of the parks so didn’t need as much time at them. I think their itinerary/wishlist sounds really fun.

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