Four day trip but only two day pass - question about FPP booking with split stay

This is my second trip to WDW yet I still feel daunted by FPP. We’re doing a 4 day trip in late Nov/early Dec - one day we’re just doing a MK party, and plan for 1 day each in Epcot in HS (so only need a 2 day ticket, as I see it). Am about to commit to buying tickets because FPP opens soon for me and I want to make sure I know what I’m doing.

Question, if I only buy a two-day ticket but am staying for longer at my resort, can I pick any two days within my “range” within which to choose FPP?

To complicate things, we’re doing a split stay - the first night at one hotel, then switching to another (both are Disney resorts) for the duration (we added a day at the start late i the game and the original hotel was booked). The 60 day window for my first hotel (just one night) opens in two days. Even though I have two separate reservations for the split stay, will it allow me to book FPP over the whole four days?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes. You can pick any two days you wish in your range.

Yes, you will be able to book your 2 days of FPP over your whole 4 days.

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Thank you! I did a live chat with Disney before getting your response (I was looking to see if I could avoid a split stay by adding a room at our hotel the night before) and was told that because it was two separate reservations I would have to do two separate FPP selections. Do you know how I can book my 2 days over the whole 4 days if the 4 days encompass a split stay? Does it depend on getting the ‘right’ person at Disney to help?

Rule #1 - Disney Cast Members are usually helpful, but often un-informed.

Second, you should have no problems - On your 60 days, you should probably not have a problem but, if you do, at MOST, it will be a 2 day process…you can book FPP on the day you check in, and the day you check out of hotel 1 (which covers 2 days), then at most, the following day, you will be able to book over the remainder of your days.

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Before you book, how you buy your tickets is very important! You have two room only reservations?

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Yes! Was going to buy two-day tickets for the family and separately buy holiday party tickets.

Then you can make your fast passes on day 60 of your first night.

Thanks! So - if I buy two day tickets via MDE and link them to my trip then the whole four days will magically appear at 7am on the first day? (Slightly scared after all these Liner reports of FPP issues - but I’m hopeful!)

correct. Can’t help MDE issues, as that is out of our hands…

You will be able to book FP for both of your park days and then also your party day. I have heard though that to avoid problems with the party FP to book your park days first and then the party FP. Usually you can book 3 FP for the party (3:30, 4:30, and 5:30) but others have heard only to book 2 from 4-6.

You guys are so helpful. I didn’t even realize you could do FPP during a party. Thank you!

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There are no FP during the party. But you can book FP with party ticket media before the official party starts.

You need to be very careful doing this. Many people have had their last day of FP cancelled when booking FP on a party ticket. Party ticket on a different MDE profile will avoid issues but is quite a bit of extra work.

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Ah! OK, this is something I’ve seen before on Lines but never quite got until I bought holiday tickets yesterday. So, I did connect them to my profile - and definitely don’t want to risk losing a FP day - so will just stick to holiday party standby. Thanks for the warning.

You do get an email warning though. So you can make them,but if you get an email just cancel them. It’s another option.

The biggest thing about this is the inconsistency. Not everyone gets “caught” by the system. Plenty of people do it and it works fine. And now some CMs seem to be telling people it’s OK to do, some say you can have two, some say three and others will quote the official (so far) policy “a party ticket does not qualify for FPs”.

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Thanks that clears it up a bit for me. I was getting so much conflicting info and that makes sense. I will book the FP and then if I get a warning I will cancel or call for assistance. I will book my party FP after I book my other days. I’ll keep everyone posted on how it goes.