Found Money!

In New York State, you can visit the comptroller’s website and find out if you have any unclaimed money waiting for you. I just received a check for $200 from my former college! I’m sure other states have similar websites. I’m using the money towards my vacation next fall. Wanted to pass the idea on to others, because surprise money is always a pleasant thing.


huh. Well how about that. Apparently Tivo has an unredeemed Gift Certificate for me, linked to an address in NY I had in 2003. Thanks, @theredhead. :slight_smile:

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Sweet! Glad to help.

I just found my mom and my brother listed. Of course I did. Those two move around a lot and are very vague about money. Thanks for the tip. I just emailed them to let them know.

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Lol I also found my brother and mother but nothing for me


Thanks! Nothing for me but found for my husband

Nothing for me. However, it was fun to check. Thanks for sharing!