FotLK Arrival Time

I was tinkering with my AK plans yesterday and noticed our TP has us arriving at FotLK at 10:59 for the 11:00 show. Is that really reasonable? How early should we get there?

Too close. I’ve walked in just before they closed the door but I wouldn’t plan it that way

ETA arrive at least 10 mins ahead of you can


That’s what I was thinking! Thank you. It currently has us doing the Up! Bird Show at 10:30 and then booking it to the Lion King. I may just cut Up! altogether to give us more time and get a Dole Whip with rum before the show instead (yes, at 10am! Don’t judge. :wink:).

Bird show is TOTALLY worth missing. I liked the original far better than the Up! version (and I’m a big Up! fan)


Check the opening time for Tamu Tamu! I had the same thought, but while I’m there, most of the drink kiosks open at 10:30 or 11.

Oh good idea @Cgerres! Hadn’t even thought of that. :roll_eyes:

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