FOTK Tier 1 suggestions needed!

Does anyone have a review, good or bad, for the Festival of the Lion King Tier 1 dining package? I’ve been trying to get a reservation and so far no luck for my date. Am I missing out on anything or should I definitely keep trying?

Did you see this post:

I have it booked next month.


I did it last month and it was awesome! Our meal at Tiffins was delicious and the service was outstanding. We sat front row at the FotLK and then had a private safari (a total of 6 of us on it). I would absolutely do it again.

Say what??? I’ve never heard this before. Can anyone else confirm?

Is this quote from a discussion about the Tier 1 package that was originally scheduled to end in November?

I did not mean to infer that Tiffins was leaving but I have heard some chatter about possible additional menu changes.

Oh, I see now from my phone that it my link, not my post. That quote does refer to the fact that the tier 1 package was originally advertised as ending in November. I have it booked next month but I know a number of people that have been looking for it and it does not seem like it is available. I also tried to modify my time and I could not.

Thanks! I’ll keep trying, It seems like a fun extra that my family would love


I am really looking forward to it!

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awww man. Another thing to possibly add to my plans if it’s still around. Choices to be made for sure

We have it booked for March 11. FOLK Tier 1 - Lunch at Tiffins at 11:30am, FOLK at 3:00pm and the Safari right after. We are looking forward to this. I’ve heard and read about it. One person said they sat in the Warthog section, first row. Going to the Safari, you are on your own vechicle and have 2 guides.

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Hmmm. I want to book this for October if still around, but I heard it was 3.5 hours. This sounds like much longer than 3.5 hours

Our total length from the start to finish is more than the 3.5 hours, however, we have lunch at 11:30am at Tiffins, than the next part is the FOLK at 3pm with the Safari to follow right after. We will be doing some things between the end of lunch and when we have to be at FOLK. Maybe the total length of the individual items combined would be about 3.5 hours.

thanks. I assume you knew in advance when each portion started so you could book fastpasses in between?

We did know. We had a 2:30 lunch at Tiffins. We had time to ride FOP (with FP). We did the 5 pm FOTLK show and the safari immediately after that.

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thx much

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I will add, I do not know. I have a 3:00 FoLK and a 6:30 dinner.

so what is it you don’t know? When the safari is?

Yes, and how much time I will have between that and my dinner. I can estimate, but I am unsure. I made the 6:30 reservation after I made FPs. I picked 6:30 since I have a 2:20 FoP. I don’t think I can attempt to make FoLK by 3:00.

aha. good to know

Just so folks know, the calendar has been updated and it’s bookable through summer 2019. Someone mentioned they were able to book this package as late as early August. I was able to book for end of June, got a 3pm show and 6:15pm Tiffins reservation. So excited!

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